Sunday, August 12, 2012

Experience Jelly Bean on ARC S via Boot Animation

Xperia One click root
Jelly Bean is everywhere and even Sony mobile users want the same. There are several benefits of Jelly Bean and thus even though ICS being one of the most reliable platforms, people are greedy for this new platform. Sony had confirmed that there is still good amount of time the users would have to wait. But developers who have dedicated their efforts for enhancing the user experiences for the mobile users have created some amazing options. You would be surprised as well as thrilled to learn that currently one of the developers tested Jelly Bean boot animation on Xperia ARC S. Thus one can have experience of Jelly Bean on Xperia ARC S via boot animation.
For those who are quite ahead technically and technologically, boot animation won’t seem like a rocket science. But for those who are quite new to the Android field would still have confusion over what Boot animation exactly is and how would Jelly Bean boot animation on ARC S make some amount of difference and betterment in the user experience.
XDA contributor Faseeh Rehman has written a useful post at XDA clearing many conceptual doubts of people in relation to boot animation. Many people have a question in mind, what is boot animation? As per the article, it is contained within uncompressed zip file known as This is available in the system partition within the media folder. This means: /system/media on the internal memory of the device. You can check this useful boot animation guide from the link given at the end as reference guide.

Bootanimation file contains all the info that will be needed when the device boots and boot animation plays automatically. Now, when we say that one can have an amazing Jelly Bean experience on Xperia ARC Svia boot animation, it means that the boot animation process is altered by making simple modifications or replacement in the existing file. Xperia ARC S can be customized with Jelly Bean boot animation. One of the XDA Junior member limeunlimited has created Jelly Bean boot animation for ARC S and has tested the same.
Disclaimer: We recommend that before you download and flash Jelly Bean boot animation on ARC S you should take proper back up of the old boot animation. Also, you need to do this at your risk. Androidust won’t be responsible for anything that happens while you take up phone customization. Kindly move ahead at your own risk.

Jelly Bean Boot Animation on ARC S

The process is very simple. You will have to merely download the file from the link (at the end of the post). After that you have to copy the same to /system/media. That’s’ it. But let me again remind you. You must take back up of the old boot animation. This will be helpful to you when you have to restore the old file.

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