Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Install Aroma Super Speed Bloatware Removal on Sony Xperia Play

Debloat Xperia Play with Aroma Super Speed

It is a known fact that when you buy any Android device with a carrier it comes with loads of bloatware or software. Now, this is really quite irritating. The main motive of carriers is to get revenue. But this surely puts a negative impact on the users who do not get a complete experience when such bloatware or software that load the device. In this article we are going to discuss as to how Aroma Super Speed package for Xperia Playwould help in bloat removal. The credit of this discovery goes to senior member of XDA with user name fma965. We appreciate the developer’s hardwork. However, it would be better to go through the disclaimer beforeinstalling Aroma Super Speed on Xperia Play.
Disclaimer: You can install Aroma Super Speed on Sony Xperia Play. This will help in removing bloatware. But kindly do so at your risk. This method has been produced here as per the instructions and descriptions provided by the developer in the official thread of XDA.

Features of Aroma Installation Package

With Aroma Installation Package for Xperia Play Bloatware you will be able to take up following things:
.Remove Bloatware
Remove useless apps
Enable ZRAM
Zipalign at Boot
Switch to wi-fi modules
Lot More
Do you feel this is going to help you out? Do you wish to install Super Speed bloat remover on Xperia Play?If yes, then here’s the method:

Install Super Speed bloat remover on Xperia Play

  1. Download the zip file from this link:
  2. Copy that on your SD card.
  3. Load Recovery
  4. Install Zip
  5. Choose the options that you feel are apt for you.
Just see how simple it is to remove bloatware from Xperia Play. Now you won’t have to worry much about the carriers that put an extra load on your Android. Aroma enabled Super Speed Bloat Remover for Xperia Playis really something worth for Play users. Carriers try their best to make your handset a bloated device for the personal purpose. But we are proud of XDA developers who go out of the way to make your Android devices bloat proof.
Do let us know how you found the procedure. Also, share your views here on the comment section. We know that there are many users who may feel a bit reluctant to install this package. They may be afraid of data loss or some other issue. In that case you can take back up of the phone and data.

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