Sunday, August 12, 2012

CyanogenMod 10 Preview Available for Samsung Galaxy Note

Install Official CM10 Jelly Bean for Galaxy Note

CM10 is making its way to so many rocking handsets ad this is something really worth keeping in mind. Just recently we saw CM10 on many other handsets and thought is it enough? But no, there’s so much more yet to come up. You will get thrilled to know that CM10 preview build is available for Galaxy Note.
We are thankful to XDA developers who toil hard and find out such amazing procedures and techniques to update the Androids. XDA developer, XpLoDWilD from Team3 Hacksung came up with CM10 Preiew build for Galaxy Note. We were quite impressed with his work. Here we shall present the details of CM10 ROM along with the procedure to install CM10 Jelly Bean on Galaxy Note. However, this is just a preview build and you should keep in mind that this is not something you can go ahead with as a daily driver. Kindly read the disclaimer first.
Disclaimer: CM10 ROM for GT-N7000 Galaxy Note is a new ROM and is good only for testing. It should not be used as a daily thing.  The procedures and the details as given below in relation to CM10 for Galaxy Note are complied from XDA and other reliable sources. You can use the details for your Android keeping in mind that Androidust shall not be responsible for anything that happens with your phone. You must move ahead at your risk.

Flash CM10 on Samsung Galaxy Note

Before we provide you the installation method we would like to put forward a few known issues. Just go through them.
- FM radio doesn’t work
- Sensors are partly working
- CM10 is not ready
- Not butter smooth but still nice
From the above issues you will know that why we suggest this ROM to keep away from for daily purpose.

 How to Install CM10 Jelly Bean on Note

-Galaxy Note should have CM9 or AOSP ROM.
-Take back up of the phone data properly so that if anything goes wrong you always have the back up with you.
- Download the zip file as available in the link provided at the end of the post.
- Download Gapps
- Install the update zip from recovery
- Install gapps
- Reboot
You are done. We hope that you will find this article helpful. Do let us know your feedback. Also, if you have any doubts you can share the same with us. We will try out best to get your queries solved quickly. In the source link you will also find the screen shots for CM10 preview build for Galaxy Note.

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