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AOKP ROM Milestone 6 Kang Project for LWW Wt19i

KangXperia Project for Sony Live with Walkman WT19i

WT19i Live with Walkman
There’s good news that Sony Ericsson LWW WT19i gets Kang Project. Yes, AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project. Just like CyanogenMod ROMs are so popular AOKP also shares similar level of popularity. But there’s no official AOKP support available for Xperia Sony phones. Thus the new Kang Xperia Project is a step forward to build AOKP for Xperia devices. The themes in this ROM are based on GummyROM and a better AlarmClock by Achep. Also, some of the additional features are taken up in addition to AOKP. We salute this new development and hope that it gives loads of productive features and add functionality to the phone.
If you wish to look into the features that AOKP has then here’s the list:
  • Android 4.0.3 — ITL41F
  • Support for many devices (e.g Galaxy Nexus (maguro/toro), Galaxy S (GT-I9000), HP Touchpad (tenderloin, etc)
  • Unsecure boot.img (stock AOSP kernel)
  • Superuser & Busybox preinstalled
  • Deodexed
  • 180 Degree rotation
  • Built in performance/init.d configuration (Thanks Kejar & company)
  • Custom Power Menu
  • Brightness slider in navigation bar.
  • Custom color for anything in RC
  • Custom Clock Color/Location: Right, Center, Disable
  • BatteryIcon/ Color Picker: CircleMod, Bar, Text Only, Icon Only, Icon+Text or None
  • Battery Bar in Status Bar or Nav Bar, Bar Thickness, Charging animation
  • Nav Bar Transparency
  • Nav Bar Button Reorder: Back-Home-Search-Menu
  • Nav Bar Color Picker
  • Nav Bar Button Glow Duration: Off, Fast, Slow
  • Nav Bar: Long press to Search button
  • Nav Bar Hide on Lockscreen
  • Toggles in Pull Down Menu: Auto rotate, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Aiplane mode, Vibrate, Silent, Sync, Data, 4G, Tethering, Torch, Brightness
  • ‘Traditional’ toggle layout (where the toggle are on the very top) — find in RC > Statusbar General > Layout
  • LCD Density (Careful with this)
  • Menu Button location: Right, Left, both, Remove
  • Menu Button Visability: Always show, Always show Invisible Icons
  • Lockscreen Style: Stock, Quad, Octo, ol’ gingerbread
  • Lockscreen Wallpaper
  • Lockscreen color changer
  • Lockscreen calendar
  • Lockscreen SMS customizable shortcut (with icons)
  • Lockscreen Horizontal Option
  • Performance Menu: (Use With Caution) Max/ Min CPU, Scaling Governor
  • Unlock Sceen with Legacy Menu Icon
  • Volume Key to Wake Screen
  • Volume Key to Skip Tracks
  • Long-press back button to kill process
  • Disable CRT off animation
  • LED pulse settings (time on/off)
  • ICS ringtones/notification sounds
  • Customize carrier text to whatever.
  • Power Menu options: Boot to recovery/ Boot loader, Reboot, Screenshot
  • Facebook contact sync integration (must wipe to get this)
  • Disable Boot animation
  • Keyboard: Volume keys act as a cursor while typing — disable in keyboard options
  • Long press home for recent apps (thanks brucekey)
  • Quick torch (enable in ROMControl, long press power when phone turned off. See the magic.)
  • Fast charge toggle for maguro/toro for kernels that support it
  • Weatherpanel in notification drawer
  • Weather on lockscreen
We have ported the above list from Rootzwiki.
If you wish to go through the instructions and download for AOKP ROM Milestone 6 Kang Project for LWW Wt19i then you can go through the source link:
Disclaimer: Download and use the AOKP Milestone 6 WT19i ROM at your risk.

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