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Sony Xperia GX International Features, Specs and Pictures Leaked: Is it Hayabusa

Is Hayabusa International Version of Japanese Xperia GX?

Sony Xperia GX International
For Xperia brand loyal people, there’s amazing news. Sony has announced that it is going to enhance the Xperia Smartphone portfolio and now the additions would be in the form of Xperia GX and Xperia SX. These devices are first going to be launched in Japan and rumors indicate that some time after that, there will be a global launch. But the dates are not still out in regards to this.
As per one of the video leaks on Youtube, it was anticipated that the leaked specifications and features belong to Xperia GX and thus it should be out for launch soon. The expected features and specifications as per the video leak suggest the following:

Features and specifications of International Xperia GX (speculated)

  • The new Xperia Android Smart Phone will have 4.6 inch display.
  • It will be equipped with Dual Core Processor of 1.5GHz.
  • It may have 13 MP camera.
  • It may have internal flash memory of 16GB.
  • It may be potent enough to carry out with HD video recording.
  • Perhaps the color options that would be available may be black or white.

As per the expectations and anticipation, we can say that Sony has three media apps for Xperia GX. These include album, movies application and walkman. If this launches soon internationally then it will surely create havoc and turn out to be Xperia flagship phone. It is expected to be a phone with Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0. However, the details about Xperia SX Smart phone are not much available.
The story of Xperia GX turns out to be more interesting because speculations and rumors keep on reminding that Xperia GX may be Sony’s upcoming Hayabusa LT29i. The reason why this belief has started erupting in the minds of people is, Sony Xperia GX specs are much like LT29i Hayabusa. Even Hayabusa is speculated to carry features and specs like 4.6 inch display, dual Core Processor of 1.5GHz, 13 MP camera etc. May be, Hayabusa is the international version of Xperia GX.
As per the leaked pictures and videos it really gives an impression that looks and design of Xperia GX and LT29i Hayabusa is quite similar. But the phone as concerned does not have Docomo branding. Thus, again, we leave some area for imagination and rumors.
The later part of the current year is going to reveal the whole plot and will bring up the true story. So, you just have to wait and watch as to whether the Japanese Xperia GX opens up way for Hayabusa LT29i international version. If yes, then when? Also, what could be the price of this international version aka Hayabusa which has a wonderful combination of dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and Adreno 320 GPU along with rocking features like a 4.6-inch display with HD, 13MP camera with HDR video recording and 2,200 mAh battery.
What do you think? Will it bear a bulky price tag or would be something affordable? Kindly drop your comments and views here. We love sharing your views.
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