Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to Use Direct Call Feature on Galaxy S3

Enable Direct Call on Samsung Galaxy S3

The entire web world has been discussing the fact that how rocking is Samsung Galaxy S3. The credit goes to the research and the features that have come up on account of Samsung’s tireless dedication. Smart Stay, S Beam, Pop up play etc. are some of the features that really make this handset a cool one. But how can you forget the direct call feature as available in Samsung Galaxy S3.
Direct call feature in S3 is as potent as other features of Galaxy S3. In fact this is something very much convenient to those who crack deals on phone or those who don’t like wasting even a second. Direct call Galaxy S3 helps you in making a quick call while you are reading the message or while you are just viewing some missed call. Even if you are just having a look at the contact details you can make a quick direct call with S3.This you can do even with out touching the screen of Galaxy S3. You just have to pick up the phone and hold it near your ear. Just a log or message or the call on screen would be enough to make a call. So, are you amused with this facility?
Well, it truly deserves a standing ovation as Galaxy S3 has laid down a perfect example in the technological field. It has set an example and with the kind of features that the gadget carries, it is really for the competitors to move ahead of Samsung. Just recently there was news that within 2 months Galaxy S3 sales over the globe has crossed the 10 million mark. Now that really deserves applause.
Now, you really know what direct call feature in S3 mean and how important it is. But there’s a trick that you have to follow for enabling the feature. Here’s a simple tutorial showing the method to enable direct call feature on S3.

How to Enable Direct Call on Galaxy S3

  • Go to Settings on the home screen.
  • Choose Motion.
  • Toggle the button beside direct call on.
  • You will see it turning as green.
  • Holding the phone next to your ear when there is a message you are reading or you see a missed call or while viewing the contact details will make the call directly to that contact.
We hope that this article on enabling direct call option on Samsung Galaxy S3 was quite useful to you. Do let us know your feedback. Also, you can share your issues with us in relation to this.

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