Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flash Xperia Ice Cream Pureness 4.0.4 ROM on Xperia Neo

XDA members have lately started making ROMs for Xperia handsets also. This has really thrilled Xperia users. We appreciate hardwork of XDA member ThilinaC as he has come up with this amazing ICS ROM for Xperia Neo. Xperia Neo is a flexible Android phone that already has some amazing features to die for. Also, it adapts many new ROMs in simple and easy way. In this article we shall talk about the new ICS 4.0.4 ROM for Sony Xperia Neo.
Ice Cream Pureness for Xperia Neo is a simple and beautiful stock ROM. This ROM works on both locked as well as unlocked boo. This is an added advantage of Ice Cream Pureness ROM Build 8.
 Here are the features of this ROM.
ICS 4.0.4
Bloatware ripped.
Based on stock 4.0.4 fw
NXT theme integrated to some extent
AOSP unlock screen
330mb free space in internal memory,target is to achieve more
Less ram usage
build.prop tweaks
hansip87‘s camera mod
Fully supports Walkman port with clearbass
Xperia S ICS keyboard
SystemUI toggles
Holo theme mixed to match with Xperia theme, purely Ice cream experience
Lotof visual modifications
And many more
You can refer to the change log from the official link given at the end of the post.
If you liked the above features and feel that you want to use this ROM then here are the installation instructions. But it is vital to note that since this is a custom ROM using the same can be a bit risky.
Disclaimer: You can use Ice Cream Pureness ROM for Xperia Neo at your risk. shall not be responsible for anything that happens to your Android. We also recommend you to take complete back up of your phone before flashing Ice Cream Pureness ROM. 

Install Ice Cream Pureness ROM Xperia Neo

1. The first thing you need to do is download the zip file from the link given at the end of the post. Now factory reset in cwm
2. Wipe cache partition
3. Wipe dalvik cache
4.Format /system (in mounts and storage)
5.Format /cache
6.Format /Data
7. Install rom zip
Neo users install Neo patch
8.Install NXT Apps now
9.Reboot now and you are done !
In the official link you will also find the attractive screen shots of Xperia NEO Ice Cream Pureness ROM Build 8. Also, we got quite impressed the FAQs that the developer has given to clear doubts of the users. Here’s the transcript for t. All credits to the developer. Hats off!
Q.Is this only for unlocked boot loader
A.No,its for both locked and unlocked boot loader
Q.Why this is not supercharged ?
A.It is
Q.Where is apps like Timescape ?
A.Apps like Timescape are bloatware that eats lot of ram,so removed
Q.Why jelly bean lockscreen behaves weird some times ?
A.Its a new app,give some time so author can fix the bugs
Q.Why last line in app drawer of my xperia home is not filled ?
A.Clear data in xperia home,in settings/apps/all apps
Q.Why flashlight in Neo don’t work ?
A.Install flashlight fix for Neo build
Q.What is based on this rom?
A.Stock 4.0.4 0.431 fw based
Q.Is it good,smooth and stable for daily use ?
Q.What can I do about purple-ish images when using flashlight to take pictures ?
A.Send non-stop emails complaining to Sony service support and devs asking for a fix for this
Q.What baseband should I use for this rom ?
A.72 baseband
Q.Is it pre-rooted ?
Q.Why Nova Launcher was removed ?
A.Popular demand asked for Xperia S ICS home,so included

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