Saturday, August 31, 2013

MSI Unveils New Haswell-powered Embedded Motherboard

MSI today announced a new embedded mini-ITX board dubbed the MS-98C7. The board is intended for high-density processing and graphic application markets and uses Intel's 4th generation Haswell. It supports up to 16 GB of RAM and features output interfaces for VGA, LVDS, and DP. As such, MSI is pushing this on the industrial scene for digital signage, onboard MOD and gaming.

The MS-98C7 packs support for 1080p, dual gigabit LAN, dual Mini-PCIe, 5 COM ports, 8 or 10 x USB ports (4 x USB 3.0; 6 x USB 2.0), support for SATA 3.0, and mSATA via Mini-PCIe, and 8 GIPO (general input output) connections (users can define the I/O via BIOS).

MSI says the MS-98C7 is available as two separate SKUs aimed at different application requirements: the more budget-friendly H81 and high-end Q87. Both offer scalable CPU options.


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