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Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 with Simple Steps

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 is a new Android Smart phone. This phone is considered as an entry level phone but the features that it shows are truly the one that would not make you believe that it’s an entry level phone. Just like Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Pocket created a fan base or user base for itself. In fact, in the Android market, this phone is considered as even below the Galaxy Mini 2. But that should not make you feel down. Good thing is, even though it bears an affordable price tag, it is loaded with some really good features and specs. Be it the design or the look, it truly is an attractive Android handset.
Just think, how thrilling it would be, if you get a chance to have an open operating system for this. Yes, you can root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 and this would surely open up much more benefits. Here are some of the advantages of rooting an Android phone that will help newbie to take the decision as to whether it would be apt to root Galaxy Pocket or not.
Benefits of rooting Samsung Galaxy Pocket
After you root this phone you will gain access to the internal file system and thus making potent changes in them or accessing them will be very much possible.
Yes, for all those who love speeding up the operating system, rooting the phone brings in benefit by way of performance and speed enhancement.
Sometimes, you may feel quite irritated with the unwanted default apps which the manufacturers packs in without an uninstall button. But since it is something that the administrator has provided you, nothing can be done. But rooting helps you in removing the unwanted default apps and that too with a very simple method.
Since rooting makes the Android free, you can now update the phone with upgrades and custom ROMs. You don’t need the permission of the manufacturer for this.
New kernel installation can also be taken up and this would surely thrill you up.
You can enhance the visual experience of the phone after rooting.
There are many such apps that work on rooted phones only. Yes, after rooting the device, you can seek access to such apps.
Now, since you are aware of the facts of rooting here is the procedure given to root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300. But before that, please go through the disclaimer.
Disclaimer: Rooting Galaxy Pocket is risky by way of loss of warranty post rooting and also the small risk of data loss or phone damage. You should be aware of such risks which are quite common with rooting. Kindly note that, you must take up this procedure at your own risk. We shall not be responsible for anything that may go wrong with your handset.
Rooting Galaxy S5300
It is recommended that before you actually begin rooting the android, you must charge your phone to the extent of 60-80 percent. If you can make the battery fully charged, then there is nothing better than that.
Take back up of the phone data, contacts, settings etc.
Now download this link:
Copy this zip file to SDcard
Switch off galaxy pocket
Get into the recovery mode. You can do this by pressing these three buttons together: volume up + home + power.
Choose apply update from sd card.
You can use volume and home button for navigation.
Choose now.
Go back to the main menu and choose reboot now.
This will root your Samsung Galaxy Pocket.
Note: For unrooting download and install via recovery mode. 
Congrats, you are done.
Root Android
You will now be able to get access to the following:
Super User App: Super User App or SU gets installed on an automatic basis as soon as the phone is rooted. In fact, when you wish to check out that the rooting procedure was successful or not, the same can be checked by checking the SU. This is the main app that helps in managing the permission to other apps.
Titanium Backup: This app helps in taking a back up of the applications as well as the data of the same.
Root Explorer: With root explorer app, you can make changes in the internal files of the operating system.
App Manager: This is also an important utility for back up of applications and the data therein. It has some amazing features that will surely come up to your resort.
ROM Manager: You will have to double-check this, that post rooting whether your android phone is supporting this app or not. This is because some phones do not support it. But in the cases where it does, this installation helps in management of the custom ROMs.
SETCPU: This app should accompany some important kernels without which this app does not work. It helps in overclocking the phone.
Barnacle Wi-Fi tether: This app helps in sharing the internet connection.
Update: If you are interested in installing Jelly Bean’s Google Now on Galaxy Pocket then visit this:

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