Monday, August 13, 2012

Development of CM10 on Xperia Play and other Sony Phones

Get Jelly Bean on Xperia Play

Android technology is quite fast and thus there are changes and alterations every other day. Of course, the changes are progressive, good and remarkable. It is our pleasure to bring to you all the remarkable developments that we come across. Just a few days back we were talking about Ice Cream sandwich on Xperia phones along with Xperia Play. Now, our point of concentration and focus is Jelly Bean. In this article we shall talk about the development that is going on in regards to CM10 for Xperia Play via FXP.
As it is known that CM10 is Jelly Bean and thus the article is related to Jelly Bean on Xperia Play.However, it is important to note that this is an alpha build. But as the development is in the progressive stage we are sure that soon you will come across a stable CM10 ROM for Xperia Play. If this works then you can expect similar developments in relation to Jelly Bean on Sony Xperia Androids.
The Jelly Bean CM10 ROM for Xperia Play that we are talking about is created by team FreeXperia. This is considered as one of the best teams that engineers CM versions for Xperia. The major focus that the team has kept as of date was CM 7.2 and CM 9.0. But still, it came up with this CM10 development as the team wants to give the users the latest Jelly Bean experience.
As of now we feel that CM10 should run on most of the Sony Xperia handsets.. But it would be better to check the details as available at XDA Forum. Here’s the link to XDA: XDA developers forums.
A few days back there was speculation as to whether CM10 will come on Xperia devices or not. At that time source codes were not released. CyanogenMod was only reluctant because of lack on source codes. But it is anticipated that there can be refactoring in Trebuchet and the LockScreen enhancements, along with the Theme Engine.FXP130 is CM10 and this seems to be the latest development. And we hope that even Xperia Play gets Jelly Bean with butter like smoothness soon. What do you say on this? Kindly share your views. We hope that you liked the article. This news will surely thrill the senses of Xperia Play users who wish to get Jelly Bean on Xperia Play as well as other handsets.

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