Monday, August 13, 2012

CM10 on Xperia S Released

First Picture of CM10 on Sony Xperia S shared

Read the update first as given at the end of the post. CM10 for Xperia S is released now.
Hold on! Firstly let me clarify that there’s no official download available right now(This article was written before the update. Kindly read the update if you want to check CM10 on Xperia S tat has been released). It is too very early. But the information that we have received and the same that we will share with you is enough for now to tease your senses. But the news is confirmed. So what’s the news?
CM10 on Xperia S can be expected soon. Developments are going on in this regards. We could see FXP 130 at many places. But the XDA threads where such developments are going on are locked right now. But we are sure that soon we will receive more updates on this. Currently, the information we have is that CM10 Alpha build for Xperia S is very much in development right now.
Yesterday, we had shared with you news about CM10 jelly Bean development for Xperia Play. See this link: And today, we have news on CM10 Jelly Bean on Xperia S.
For those who are not much accustomed to what CM10 is, it is important to note that CM10 will be CyanogenMod team’s development in Jelly Bean. In brief, CM10 is Jelly Bean 4.1.1. FXP is Free Xperia Team that works on CM developments for Xperia handsets. With this ROM you can improve the performance of your stock Android. When you will get perfect CM10 for Xperia S along with other handsets, you can expect the following improvisations:
  • Power menu Reboot
  • Power menu screenshot
  • Profiles
  • Lock screen Calendar
  • Lock screen Weather
  • Notification light customization
  • Battery light customization
  • IME Selector notification toggle
  • and a few more things to support Settings
Now, coming to the point, since we said earlier that we will share the picture showing CM10 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 on Xperia S, we would surely keep by our words. But before that we would like to disclose something about the developer who is tirelessly working on this project. Bin4ry is a developer at Team FreeXperia. He has been quite active as far as the Android development in Xperia niche is concerned.
We know you are desperate to see how CM10 on Xperia S looks. Well, you can just open the link and check out the same.
 We would like to clarify that this teaser is just the base. We will receive a lot of info on this. But still, it is very early. However, we would advise you to stay tuned and stay in touch for more information on CM10 on Sony Xperia.
Update: CM10 for Sony Xperia S is released. You can check all the details here:

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